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Why us?

We Offer Stellar Curriculum's

Eyelash Extention

Join a society of beauty professionals who succeed!

We will not only teach you Eyelash Extension Artistry & Esthetician skills, but also essential business skills.  

Learn effective tools to become a Beauty Professional; 

such as small business start up, budgeting, and operation, creating a private business label, as well as how to develop, market, and sell your own products, as well as  how to create your unique social media presence & clientele.



  • Full or Part time program options

  • Customizable In-Facility Schedule: You choose the days & times to attend in Facility that works best w/ your schedule

  • The ability to access online classes 24/7, 365: A portion of your course can be completed online & the rest would be completed In Facility

  • Product Kit Included w/all programs

  • Classes start every 6 weeks

  • Zero interest financing

  • We combine hands on learning, bookwork, and online learning technology

  • Licensed by TDLR 

  • State License Not just certification

At Boss Lady Beauty Academy, we are dedicated to helping our students become the best versions of themselves. We believe that hard work, integrity, love and passion are the essential building blocks to success. Through our comprehensive courses, our students learn the skills they need to be successful cosmetologists.We strive to create a supportive and inclusive learning environment where our students can thrive. Our experienced instructors provide personalized attention and guidance to help each student reach their goals. Join us and become a part of the Boss Lady Beauty family!

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