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How to Make Eyelash Extensions Last

Once you fall in love with your new beautiful eyelash extensions you may be searching for ways to make them last. Well you found it! Check out these on how to care for eyelash extensions and make your lashes last. (Our favorite is number 3!)

Less is best! The constant application and removal of eye makeup can be a strain on your new lashes. Wearing less with keeps your lashes fresher longer. Can't go without some extra sparkle? Make sure you avoid waterproof items and make sure to follow tip 5!

2. Don’t rubbing your eyes. Not only is the motion hard on your lashes, but the oils on your hands can transfer to your lashes causing quicker shedding, but think about the delicate skin surrounding your eye! If you're stressing about fine lines, remembering not to rub your lashes will aid in your anti-aging battle and keep your lashes pretty longer.

3. Goggles. No, we're not kidding. Love a luxurious hot shower at the end of a long day, or after an amazing workout well your lashes don’t care too much for them. That’s ok don’t skip the shower protect your lashes with simple googles.

4. Sleep Masks! Face sleepers tend to have more issues with "tangling" and losing lashes, smashing your pillow in your face stresses the lashes making them fall out faster. We keep them stocked in our academy for you to purchase if needed.

5. Keep your lashes clean. Just like you floss those pearly whites. You also need to floss those gorgeous lash extensions! If you keep your lashes tidy this is will keep you from fussing with them throughout the day. Bothering with your lashes leads to a shorter lash life-remember rule number one: less is best! Detangle your lashes with our microfiber applicators after your shower to keep them in the best shape. The steam "softens" the lashes making them ultra-easy to comb through. Using lint-free applicators gives you control in fixing the placement of the lashes without the risk of snagging the lashes and pulling them out (ouch!). Once you leave the steamy room, the lashes will set in place looking picture perfect.

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